ASUS MF60090V1-C480-S99 Cooling Fan X45C X45VD X55A X55C X55V X55VD

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ASUS New CPU Cooling Fan K55 K55A K55X X45C X45VD X55 X55A X55C X55V X55VD R500V K55VM 13GN001AM010-1 13GNBH1AM020-1 13N0-NRA0E01 KSB06105HB-CB37 MF60090V1-C480-S99 Notebook Laptop Computer Spare Replacement Service Parts


There are multiple different ones available for this model series. Please ensure that the one you are ordering physically matches the one you are replacing. We are not responsible if you order the incorrect one.

We have provided sufficient close up photos in helping to determine the correct one for you.  If our products look somewhat different from yours but you think it will work, use the part numbers found on the stickers of your old part to search our site.  If the part number from yours is found in the description of our part and the close up photos match then our part will work for you.

If you are still uncertain please contact us and we will help you within 24 business hours.

Return policy (for ordering incorrect part):

If you are reading this after ordering an incorrect part from us you may return for the part cost refund no worries.  The part must be in the same condition as sent.  It must also contain our internal UV marking that we mark all of our parts with.

If you are within Canada, and you still have the original packaging, you can use the "RTS" (return to sender) option to save the cost of return where you cross out your address and write “RTS” beside it.  If you do not have our original packaging you will need to purchase a $1.90 postage stamp to return it with.

Please notify us before returning any items.

All returns are refunded within 48 business hours of receipt after a quick check over by our technician.